SharePoint 2013 – Site Collection as Read Only


Today I came with a problem that at first moment surprise me. A client calls me asking for help, they were doing a SharePoint backup trought PowerShell and the light went off, so after the switch on again the server and tries to enter to their portal, it shows a message like the following:



“We apologize for any inconvenience, but we’ve made the site read only while we’re making some improvements.”

Ok, at first instance it sounds not weird, I remember that something similar passes me in the past, so I accessed to CA, and go to Site Collection Quotas and Locks, but for my surprise it was greyed out!


So, next thing I thought was to manage the contenct database and see if it was posible to be there the lock of read only, still no luck.

My next option was to change this behaviour with Powershell, no luck again. So a simple problem was strucking me so hard, but luckily I came across with the following post:

So I decided to check the SharePoint versión and BAM! The client were using a SharePoint 2013 Foundation RTM version, (yes I know we are in 2015 but I didn’t developed the platform :)). So I explained to my client the situation, he explained me that this happen to them previously, but magically it was solved.

So we decided to update the platfom to SP1 (the good one) and then update to June CU 2015. After the platform was updated I was be able to execute the following command:

$Admin = new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPSiteAdministration(“http://webappurl/sitecollectionurl”)


After that the only read mode flag was removed and the client has his platform ready again. So, remember to keep up to date your SharePoint environments 😉



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