How to work with O365 groups in SharePoint Online

Today I’ll post about SPO working with O365 groups, for some people will be a bit confusing, but we’ll try to disperse this doubts. So let’s begin:

Firstly I created a group into OutlookO365 groups tab, and edit the members


After the groups have been created, let’s begin to dismystife something 🙂

We can use SPO groups to give permissions in a site, site collection, or also to give permission or share a document

spo3 spo4 spo5

But… I have detected some things that would be nice if in a future would be implemented, for example, is not posible to mention a O365 group in the newsfeed 😦


Bonus: Every time you share a document with a group, all the members of the group will be notified that has been shared a document with them



Despite the newssfeed in SPO, in the Groups notification is it possible to follow a conversation


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