SharePoint 2013 Enable cross domain profile pictures

Today I will explain a problem that stuck me for several months. Firstly I was wondering that this problema was by design, but one day I found a post from Wictor Wilén ( that explains very well the problem.

To summarize the problem:

  • There are two web applications configured, one for the portal, another one for the MySite Web App.
  • The user has upload a photo in their profile
  • When the user enter to the web application, and in this web App there is a Newsfeed the photo is not showed.
  • After the user has accesed to MySite Web App, he/she is able to see all the potos of the portal until the cookie, token, etc.. is not valid.

To solve this problem very easily, we have to do some powershelling:

$wa = Get-SPWebApplication
$wa.CrossDomainPhotosEnabled = $true

After that, the user photo in newsfeed is showed correctly,


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