WSS_Logging Database: Space Issues

Hi! Today I will talk about WSS_UsageApplication and their WSS BBDD

If you’re WSS_Logging database is growing too big, you might want to reduce its size by controlling how much data you’re saving into it from the ULS logs.

If you want to know of much space is taking WSS_Logging database, you have to access to SQL, expand the Databases section and find the WSS_Logging database. Right-click and choose Reports -> Show Tables by Usage.

Each one of the databases will show how much space is taking in disk.

If you want to reduce this space, you have to open a SharePoint Powershell CMD and do the following:

Change the “Task Use” provider to be retained for seven days

Disable the “Task Use” provider completely

Set all providers to be retained for seven days

Find any providers that are enabled and set to 14 days retention, and set them to 7 days retention

After that we need to run the two timer jobs to clean the old data ‘Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Import’ and ‘Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Processing’.

Go to Sharepoint Central Administration -> Monitoring -> Configure Usage and health data collection-> Log Collection Schedule.

And it will take you to the timer jobs.

Now Click on both the Job Definitions one by one and hit ‘Run Now’ to run the timer jobs

Once the timer jobs is run you can check and confirm database has released the space.


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