How To Register an Existing SharePoint Farm in the SCP container Part 3/4

Every time you run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard in a new or existing farm the wizard will try to write to the SCP container if it exists. If the container is created after SharePoint products exist in the environment, there will be no record of previously existing farms in the SCP container.

To register an existing farm in the SCP container, do one of the following:

  1. Run the SharePoint Configuration Wizard.
  2. Register the SCP in Windows PowerShell. (my preferred option)

To create the SCP in Windows PowerShell (assuming you have the correct permissions to run Powershell cmdlets and write to the Active Directory schema), do the following:

  1. Open the SharePoint 2013 Management Shell with administrative privileges.
  2. (Optional) Run the following cmdlet to see whether the farm is already registered:

Get-SPFarmConfig -ServiceConnectionPoint

If it is not registered yet you should see something like this: 1scp

  1. Run the following cmdlet to register the farm in the SCP container (the URL shown is the uniform resource identifier [URI] of the example farm’s Topology service):

Set-SPFarmConfig -ServiceConnectionPointBindingInformation https:// smsp:32844/Topology/topology.svc


  1. If we check it through ADSI Edit we should see something like this:


IMPORTANT: By default, the address for the Application Discovery and Load Balancer Service (Topology service) of a farm is stored in the SCP container. However, you can input the value of your choosing. For instance, if we want to register the address for Central Admin we would do the following:


And now, in the Active Directory Schema the value is the Central Admin URL:


Even a descriptive value can be set:



If you want to discover the address for your Topology Service, you can use the Get-SPTopologyServiceApplication | select URI cmdlet.



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