How to create the SharePoint SCP Part2/4

Running the following commands requires the proper level of permissions within your Active Directory domain to modify the Schema.

  1. Run ADSI Edit; in the Action menu, connect to your domain


  1. Expand the domain that you want to connect to and select CN=System.
  2. Right-click in the white area of the details pane. From the New menu, select Object


  1. Select the Container class in the Create Object dialog box.


  1. In the Value field, type Microsoft SharePoint Products and then click Next.


  1. Click Finish. At this point, your new Active Directory container should appear in the details panel


  1. Assign permissions to the container: right-click the container and select Properties.
  2. Click Add on the Security tab.
  3. Choose the appropriate users you want to access the SCP container and assign them write permissions. The recommendation is to select the group Authenticated Users and assign them at least the Write and Create All Child Objects


  1. Select OK to close the container dialog box.

Close ADSI Edit.


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