Clear the Sharepoint Cache

If you have trouble with e.g. your SharePoint Workflow Timer Job, which seem to stuck in state “Running” for many hours, or other Services in the farm, or simply the farm does not running well or it is throwing weird errors, then it might be helpful to clear the file system cache on your frontend servers.
To do so, follow the steps below on all of your servers, which are running the Windows SharePoint Services Timer Service:

  • Open the Services window (Start->Run->Services.msc->Enter) and stop the “SharePoint 2010 Timer” service.
  • If you use a service account for this service, I would also recommend to reenter the password.
    Right click onto the SharePoint 2010 Timer Service, then on properties and in the “Log On” tab reenter the password an press the “Apply” button.
  • Now go to the directory C:ProgramDataMicrosoftSharePointConfig.
    Here you may see 2 folders with GUIDs.
    We need the one where you see alot of XML-Files and ONE Cache.ini file.
  • Backup this GUID folder to be on the safe side.
    Now be careful:
  • Delete ONLY all the XML-files in the GUID folder:
    Don’t worry, these XML-files will be created automatically again in the next steps below.
  • Now open the Cache.ini file. Here you will only see a number in it.
    Replace this number by typing a 1.
  • Save the Cache.ini file and close it.
  • Start the SharePoint 2010 Timer Service again.

You will now see that the cache will be recreated by automatically recreated XML-files in the folder. This will take some minutes to complete.
Do these steps above on the other frontend servers as well.


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