Sharepont Best Warm Up

Today I will talk about a problem that almost all SharePoint administrators had once in their lifes, this is “The App Pools Recycle”.

Every night the App Pools of the SharePoint farm recycles automatically, causing that the first person that access to the portal, has to wait until the app pool warm back up, the worst part of this, is that people don’t like to wait. So what we can do?

I’m almost sure that you have surf the Internet, searching for PS codes, solutions or other kind of magic

But the other day I find a solution that fits very well with the farms that we deploy. This is a free solution, that you can find at Codeplex, and it’s very easy to use, install, whatever you want…

This is solution is if you are thinking this solution is mine you’re in the wrong way, only I’m posting this solution because I think that it works well, and why not to share it?

The solution consist in a Powershell script, that is it possible to execute it (there is another way??) and install it.

But wait, install a Powershell code? how? they have enough information in the web about how to do it, why and so on. I only have to say that once you have “installed the PS”, automatically it creates a task in Task Scheduler module which executes the PS each 30 min, great isn’t it?


Also, it leaves a log record to be sure that the code has been executed well.


So if you are having problems with first access in the farm or just simply curiosity, I encourage you to try it

Hope it helps!


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